SEAT Drive App

I have worked at the SEAT Design team, I was part of the team that redesigns the SEAT Drive App, my main job here it was to actualize the visual elements of the app, the company wants to create a new visual language to separate the apps that you can use inside the car, from the apps you can use outside the car, so the proposal consists in change the colors of the app making it black.

This change from white to black is based on a theory that says the dark themes reduces the contrast and the fatigue this cause in the eyes, so when you use your mobile inside your car you have a dark environment and your eyes are more sensitive to the light, and a dark theme works better in this situation.

With this app, you can mainly choose from a near place to make the service of your car, and make an inspection of what parts of your car need attention in a status screen.

This app is compatible with Android Auto & Car Play, you can download it here.