Shooting game: Attack of the Drones (Personal proyect)

I designed and developed a shooting game for desktop only is called Attack of the drones,

  • The time of gameplay is 1 minute.
  • User is required to hit a start button to begin play.
  • User can see time left in the game at all times.
  • User can see point count at all times.
  • When the user hits a damaged box he/she will score a point.
  • All boxes change at random intervals or whenever they are clicked.
  • When the user hits a good box, 5 points is deducted.
  • If a user does not hit a damaged box and it goes away (missed opportunity), a point is deducted.

When time is up:

  • Final score is displayed
  • Top five scores (of the browser session) are displayed
  • If the current score is within the top 5 scores visual cue is provided
  • When the top score is achieved, a congratulatory message is provided
  • Has a “play again” button

you can play it here.