LaLiga branded content rich media

I designed and developed a rich media template to include in headers for news about the teams of LaLiga at EL País Branded Content, its a template that we can adapt to many subjects that deliver rich media content and can be modified adapting it to tell a story with content, this template has:

  • A big hero image as the main screen, this image can contain video too and can be modified adding parallax, or animations etc.
  • We have some buttons, we can change the number of buttons the icons and the text below the buttons
  • When we press the buttons, we have two kinds of modals, one with video and another with a carousel of images.
  • We can use the buttons to point to content to the bottom of the news using anchor links, or we can point links outside too.

See four different examples live here:
EL Alaves

EL Betis

Funcdación Barcelona FC

EL Sevilla