Ernesto Pérez UI UX Portfolio                

New SEAT & Cupra HMI design

This project consisted in the design of an HMI concept for the new Infotainment system of the 2019 SEAT design facelift and the new Cupra sport brand car models.
  • Company
  • SEAT
  • Industry
  • Automotive
  • Services
  • Design, Wireframes, Prototype
  • Time
  • 8 months
  • About Project
  • This project was created in the SEAT innovation lab in Martorell Barcelona, I worked in the initial concept stage as part of a team of around 40 UI UX engineers and developers, we have made this design using Agile Scrum methodologies, for the wireframes and concept creation we had many workshops with the different departments involved and the stakeholders.
  • Project Brief
  • The goal of the project was to redesign the Infotainment system for a new design facelift of all the car brand models to be launched in 2019 and the new sports brand Cupra, this infotainment system has new features for the real connected car with the upcoming 5G technology, the modules are configurable and you can navigate using hand gestures, the duration of the project was planned for at least four years, the HMI Is for 10 different car models with different specifications, features, and screen sizes.
Project skills & expertise

Some of the skills needed for my role in the project

Wireframing / Visual design

Agile Scrum

HTML SASS & Javascript for portotype

UI Libraries and Branding

Have a look to the final project
The infotainment was released in production in the new 2020 new SEAT Leon and is part of the new sports brand of SEAT called Cupra.
Ernesto Pérez