Mobile app

Food delivery vegan restaurant

Product designer, Madrid 2020


Project goal

Apamate is a vegan restaurant in Madrid, During the COVID-19 in 2020 all the restaurants were closed and people working from Home, the idea of this project was to design a mobile app to sell the food and keep attending the clients of the restaurant now that they need to order from home.

This project was designed using the design thinking process.

My role

- User research

- Wireframing

- Prototiping

- Testing


The type of research conducted for this project where interviews, 5 personas were selected, all of them living in Madrid, in working-age between 23 and 46 years, 2 of them were Vegans 2 of them were vegetarian and 1 of them eat all types of food. 


Interview questions:

  • Do you order food online? how often?
  • You will like to order vegan food online? Which vegan dishes?
  • What are the reasons to order food online?
  • When do you order most food for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner? and why?
  • What are the most important elements you consider when you select a place to order food online? Price, Quality, Type of food?
  • When you order online you use your phone or your computer?
  • When you order online you download the app of the restaurant or do you use the app with general delivery?

The answers of the interviews were transcripted in the following empathy map

Empathy map



Pain points

After the analysis of the empathy maps the following insights where founded, in the context of order food for delivery:

1 - Person distrust the cleanliness of the restaurants since they do not see the facilities. 

2 - Persons distrust about the quality of the food, ingredients, the conservation and preparation methods. 

3 - Persons do not trust on all of the information presented, like ingredients, delivery times, and tent to think the pictures are fake.

4 - Persons do not order food for breakfasts because will take too much time to come.

User personas


Customer Journey



Crazy Eights

In order to take innovative ideas from the insights a crazy eighths exercise was developed in a group, this consists of 8 ideas in 1 per minute in 8 minutes.


Story boards



Many schematic views where designed in many wireframes like this,



Digital wireframes


Digital wireframes after usability testing


Mockup with branding


Prototype in Figma with micro interactions


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